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Who am I?

Hey! I’m Alechia (pronounced Alicia).


I know … my mama always knew I’d be unique so she spelled it as such. 


I’m like warm tea and Hennessy and I get executives and small businesses unstuck through strategic massive action. I’m a creative brand strategist, award-winning author, and internationally recognized speaker, moderator, and host living life in and on purpose. 

WhaT I Do?

My specialty is in the development of brand identity, public relations strategy and marketing plan design and implementation. You can find many of my client’s features in the New York Times, Forbes, New York Post, Huffington Post, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan to name a few. I’ve worked with clients in a myriad of industries from the CEO of Humana Healthcare in Florida and Disney star Zendaya Coleman to ABFE, the largest philanthropic group in the nation and Soledad O’Brien.

But, don't just take my word for it ...

Ashley M. Fox, Founder, Empify

I was recommended to work with Alechia by a friend, and immediately, our relationship clicked.  Her drive, energy, and focus was indescribable.  I was at a point in life where I knew I was destined to do great things, but I wasn’t confident in my approach.  I wasn’t clear as to who I was, what I wanted to do, and where I was going with my business.  Alechia was the light that guided the way, even when I was scared to open my eyes and see.  


Without hesitation, Alechia took the wheel, helped me grow my brand, and she never once looked back.  When I was down; she remained 100% focused.  When I was confused; she provided clarity.  When I thought it would be hard; she made it simple and easy.  The moment she brought me on as a client, it was nonstop strategy and implementation.  If there’s one thing to know about Alechia, it’s that she knows her industry, and she continuously works to perfect her craft. I am dominating each and every day because of her guidance. 

Want to work together? Here's how!

If you’ve ever asked yourself how do I get started, wondered about the steps to find your purpose, or over-worked yourself trying to establish and grow your business keep reading. I’ve got an option to mobilize the immobile and transform ideas from plans in your head to brands, products and services in your hands.

As a consultant

Just need a jump start? This targeted consultation is specifically targeted to your business or brand.



Much like espresso or a b-12 shot, this power-packed, insightful, and practical 60 min consultation is just the jump start you need to focus, strategize, align and execute at your highest levels.

As a strategist

With a myriad of strategic packages to choose from, including a DIY Strategy Kit you can execute yourself.


Whether you're a business owner with an established brand or launching new products, services, events, or campaigns - we do strategy. It includes:

  • Customized social media and reputation management plans specific to your business designed to expand awareness, engagement, and buy-in

  • Customized strategic relationship strategy to develop key business-to-business relationships focused on growth

As a speaker or host

Interested in booking me to host, moderate, or speak for your next event?

From the entertainment stage to the corporate boardroom without skipping a beat! My skilled, fun and energetic speaking style has afforded me the opportunity to partner with and speak for a myriad of organizations like Verizon, Vogue Italia, BET, Essence, Google, IBM and many more. 


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