December 10, 2018

This particular blog is for big girls and boys; and like a shot of Hennessy - it will sting a bit. This will not be my usual “you’ve got everything you need to thrive living in and on purpose” content. We’ll get back to that, but for now ... this one. I recently read the Bloomberg article "Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo Era: Avoid Women at All Costs" and was immediately disgusted. Yes, disgust is the most accurate representation of my thoughts after reading. 

As a domestic and sexual assault thriver, the fundamental question I’ve been perplexed with since my first abusive experience is, "Why is the female body always up for...

August 27, 2016

The mind fascinates me. Depending on your primary side of the brain you’re either creative or analytical. Of course, there are variances, and it’s a lot more complicated than creative or analytical, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. Every once in while you meet those who have mastered both and flow seamlessly between the two, much to the benefit of those directly and indirectly affected by their God-given greatness. Carla Harris is one of those masters. She is the highest ranking black woman on Wall Street, and you may already know she is the Vice Chairman of Wealth Management and is the Senior Client Advisor at Morgan...

May 19, 2015

“He who gets behind in a race will forever remain behind or run faster.”



Black Enterprise’s Entrepreneur Summit is the catalyst to aid in running faster! The conference began unlike any other and focused on properly equipping attendees with the background knowledge, skills and tools needed to advance from A to B. Your tools are insufficient if not used for the proper job. A screw driver can’t hammer a nail and hammer can’t sand wood. No matter your skill-set you’ve been given a bag of tools and it’s up to you to use them properly and wisely.


“How do I achieve success and reach those I need to connect with?” Everyone has asked t...

March 6, 2015

I can’t believe I actually tried it. Never in my wildest dreams especially after a certain age did I think I’d find it even remotely appealing, but I did and I have to admit. I even asked for seconds. So yes, I tasted it and I must say. Baby food never tasted so good! Amazing actually!


Some of the greatest inventions and innovations of our time were created out of our passions and our problems. Our passion eventually leads to the discovery of our purpose. The discovery of her passion lead Jennifer Miles to create Lizzy’s Garden thus helping to solve one of America’s greatest problems – childhood obesity. Foundation is everything...

January 9, 2015



Despite that introductory sentence I’m not lazy. Far from it actually. I just simply refuse to work hard or put in hard work. By now I’m almost positive you have basically written me off as another entitled and lazy millennial, but before you totally dismiss me let’s backtrack and define some things first. I like definitions because although English is super subjective it at least allows us to have a baseline to start from.


"Hard is defined as difficult to do or accomplish, fatiguing or troublesome and involves a great deal of effort and energy and can be unendurable and oppressive."


That sounds … ROUGH … who would willingly si...

October 24, 2014




1. Create a task list and respect your time.

Seize the day! Tomorrow doesn't exist yet, but today is staring you in the face full of opportunity and possibility. DO something with it. Respect your today as there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Each morning wake up early enough to list out all that you need to accomplish that day – whether or not you finish it all – write it out. To make it easier use headers for the different aspects of your life: personal, business, work, etc. and then list what needs to be done. The best part is since we’re in the information age you can make these lists right on your phone and if you’re feeling...

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