August 27, 2016

The mind fascinates me. Depending on your primary side of the brain you’re either creative or analytical. Of course, there are variances, and it’s a lot more complicated than creative or analytical, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. Every once in while you meet those who have mastered both and flow seamlessly between the two, much to the benefit of those directly and indirectly affected by their God-given greatness. Carla Harris is one of those masters. She is the highest ranking black woman on Wall Street, and you may already know she is the Vice Chairman of Wealth Management and is the Senior Client Advisor at Morgan...

March 18, 2015


In Miami, FL I sat down with Lauryn Williams, University of Miami Hall of Famer and 4-Time Olympic Champion to discuss her defining moment. A simple decision to focus on opportunities and not obstacles carved a path for Williams that to date no other person has tread. Her predominate thought? Focus on your opportunities and not on your obstacles. And when a door opens RUN through it! No matter how awesome the idea of anything sounds if you don’t get up and get out into what it is you say you want you will not see results.


At an early age Williams took her education and learning into her own hands and took ownership of what she’d...

March 12, 2015

That sounds crazy right? I know! I’ll be the first to admit, but this truth is evident in the success achieved by Leanne Fremar, Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Director of Under Armour Women. So, how’s it possible? Can one simple decision truly help you get exactly what you want in life? You’ll find the answer is even simpler than the actual question. It’s all a matter of choice. Choice is the single most powerful asset on the planet. Choice makes all the difference and once you have made a choice that simple decision will help ensure you get exactly what you desire. There is true power in simply making a decision a...

March 10, 2015


If you’ve never heard of Karen Civil you may have been sleeping under a rock and that’s okay rest is necessary, but it’s time to wake up now. By staying true to herself she has become one of the foremost Digital Pioneers of our generation. The marketing director and idea genius behind the billion-dollar global brand Dr. Dre’s Beats and Lil Wayne’s site. She reigns supreme in the building and maintenance of the most important asset in life – relationship! Self-proclaimed introvert she welcomed my team and I into her home in Los Angeles, California to tell us exactly how she’s achieved her goals beyond her wildes...

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