March 10, 2015


If you’ve never heard of Karen Civil you may have been sleeping under a rock and that’s okay rest is necessary, but it’s time to wake up now. By staying true to herself she has become one of the foremost Digital Pioneers of our generation. The marketing director and idea genius behind the billion-dollar global brand Dr. Dre’s Beats and Lil Wayne’s site. She reigns supreme in the building and maintenance of the most important asset in life – relationship! Self-proclaimed introvert she welcomed my team and I into her home in Los Angeles, California to tell us exactly how she’s achieved her goals beyond her wildes...

March 6, 2015

I can’t believe I actually tried it. Never in my wildest dreams especially after a certain age did I think I’d find it even remotely appealing, but I did and I have to admit. I even asked for seconds. So yes, I tasted it and I must say. Baby food never tasted so good! Amazing actually!


Some of the greatest inventions and innovations of our time were created out of our passions and our problems. Our passion eventually leads to the discovery of our purpose. The discovery of her passion lead Jennifer Miles to create Lizzy’s Garden thus helping to solve one of America’s greatest problems – childhood obesity. Foundation is everything...

February 27, 2015

True success is achieved when health in mind, body and spirit collide with opportunity. Even better when one of the most well-respected and largest telecommunications companies serves as a catalyst to achieve that level of success. Verizon Communications launched their Verizon Potential of Us 2.0 City Session with Lita Lewis in New York City on February 15, 2015. The series of panels will span four 4 states (New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles) and will highlight four pillars of which Verizon is committed:  fitness, fashion, entertainment and education. The goal of the series is to showcase the very real benefits the pursu...

February 19, 2015


New York – February 12, 2014 – What do you get when you bring thee Gayle King, MC Lyte and Tracy Mourning in a room for an honest and insightful conversation about the importance of mentorship and the role it plays in creating strong girls and women? An unprecedented and legendary experience that’s what. The “Power of Influence Through Sisterhood” charitable event benefitting Honey Shine, Inc., a mentoring organization for young women and girls, included a panel discussion and FUNraiser “Groove with a Purpose” cocktail party hosted by philanthropists Alonzo and Tracy Mourning and Rizk Ventures. The evening featured a night of ch...

January 9, 2015



Despite that introductory sentence I’m not lazy. Far from it actually. I just simply refuse to work hard or put in hard work. By now I’m almost positive you have basically written me off as another entitled and lazy millennial, but before you totally dismiss me let’s backtrack and define some things first. I like definitions because although English is super subjective it at least allows us to have a baseline to start from.


"Hard is defined as difficult to do or accomplish, fatiguing or troublesome and involves a great deal of effort and energy and can be unendurable and oppressive."


That sounds … ROUGH … who would willingly si...

November 21, 2014

That moment of clarity. You know that moment when everything ... literally everything now makes sense? Well, that moment for me was Friday night, October 24 in Miami, FL during Oprah's Life You Want Tour listening to the profound wisdom of Auntie Oprah! Yes, she has now officially become my aunt (even if it’s only in my head, that my dear friend is not the point). She is that extremely hilarious and wise auntie that you would choose every day of the week, but you’d never let your mom know because it’d break her heart. Sorry mom, yes I still love you!


The resounding question of the evening was, "Why are you here?"



October 24, 2014




1. Create a task list and respect your time.

Seize the day! Tomorrow doesn't exist yet, but today is staring you in the face full of opportunity and possibility. DO something with it. Respect your today as there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Each morning wake up early enough to list out all that you need to accomplish that day – whether or not you finish it all – write it out. To make it easier use headers for the different aspects of your life: personal, business, work, etc. and then list what needs to be done. The best part is since we’re in the information age you can make these lists right on your phone and if you’re feeling...

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