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How to leverage relationships to make 2020 your best year yet

Updated: Jan 11

Last year, I leveraged my relationships to partner with over 10 brands personally and professionally. The images below highlight some of those brands and include Google, Lyft, American Express, IBM, and more.

It wasn’t by accident and I didn’t luck up on opportunities. I absolutely believe in allowing things to flow, and getting in alignment with your vision to manifest what you say you want, however …

You can be intentional AND in alignment!

That requires work and strategy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, partnering with big brands allows you to expand your network, solidify your positioning as a thought leader or provider, and assist you in hitting personal and business financial targets. I recently participated in WERK University, hosted by Koereyelle, and spoke about the necessary components to building profitable partnerships. Check out 3 of the tips I shared below to position your brand to secure profitable partnerships.

#1 Be able to identify and articulate your value clearly.

It starts with you and you should know exactly what you bring to the table. Brands will not be trying to figure that part out for you.

#2 Every brand is NOT for you!

Many believe casting a wide net is the best option to secure brands, and in some cases that might work. However, fitting a circle into a square means you have to shrink and there will still be space remaining. You want to identify brands that align with what you produce. The goal is to go where what you do, produce, and create is celebrated. Once you have determined those brands you can identify the proper personnel at those organizations to build relationships with.

#3 Know your targets!

When you know your target, you can then work to create content, initiatives, campaigns and the like to showcase how your brand aligns to their focus areas. This is the start to leveraging your value to secure profitable partnerships. It has to make sense!⠀

If all that is too much for you and you’re still confused on where to get started, I have a virtual course you can take to assist you in preparing your brand for profitable partnerships in 2020 and beyond! It’s LIVE this Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 7 PM EST, however, a replay will be available indefinitely for all those who sign up. Cheers to a profitable 2020 … and beyond!

Sign up for the class here.


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