• Alechia Reese

The Magic in the Follow Up

Let’s be honest. We’ve all done it. I promise, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The quicker we own it, the quicker we can all get past it. We collect (and sometimes give out) a briefcase full of business cards going to an event, attending a transformative summit, or even speaking on a panel - then do absolutely nothing.

You don’t email, send smoke signals, ask for coffee, or follow up. Sometimes for months, sometimes ever. Like I said, we’ve all done it. We're aware of the problem. Now, here are three easy solutions to solve for it:

Tip 1.

Create email drafts before each event

Before each event you attend, create a draft of 10 emails for the event you’re going to attend. Leave a space at the end to include what you discussed.

Instead of simply exchanging business cards, and hopefully following up. Send an email immediately using the drafts you’ve already created.

Tip 2.

Follow up in 3 days

If you use gmail, the platform will automatically remind you to follow up in 3 days. When you get the reminder, use the following pro tip.

Pro Tip:

Include a solution to any problems you discussed.

“In a world full of liabilities, be an asset.”

Providing solutions is how you build connections and become an asset. Close the email with an ask to connect over the phone or coffee. But, be clear on why you’re connecting. Time is precious and people are busy.

Tip 3.

After meeting face-to-face send a gesture

When building, it’s necessary to develop true #connections through thoughtfulness. Whether it’s a handwritten thank you note, great book, or my personal favorite a gesture. Gestures can be used as a way to close deals, strengthen and build rapport with prospective clients, or show someone you care about that they're being thought of.

You can even use my code: JOY10 and get 50% off your first Gesture.

They’re expanding nationally so if they’re not in your city yet, stay tuned because they’re coming to a town near you.

After you’ve used these three tips, pre-order my sophomore book The Relationship Game for my 5 tool playbook to building game-changing relationships. It'll completely change the way you do #business.


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