3 Life-Changing Lessons From Auntie Oprah

November 21, 2014

That moment of clarity. You know that moment when everything ... literally everything now makes sense? Well, that moment for me was Friday night, October 24 in Miami, FL during Oprah's Life You Want Tour listening to the profound wisdom of Auntie Oprah! Yes, she has now officially become my aunt (even if it’s only in my head, that my dear friend is not the point). She is that extremely hilarious and wise auntie that you would choose every day of the week, but you’d never let your mom know because it’d break her heart. Sorry mom, yes I still love you!


The resounding question of the evening was, "Why are you here?"


It’s the question many go their entire life never working to begin to figure out, yet it is the one question that when discovered will completely transform and free you to become exactly who you are – YOU! She orchestrated an entire evening demonstrating and showcasing how to answer that very question and even shared the very secret to her success. I’ll give you a hint – it’s her spirituality. Now, to delve into every aspect of that evening we’d be here all day. So for now we will dissect three of the most important elements of the evening:


1. Life speaks, but do you listen?


“Life is always speaking … you just have to learn to listen.” Learning to listen in turn means learning to be quiet and that my friends is definitely a tough one because everyone desires to be heard in some way or the other. Life is constantly telling you things, urging and leading you where you should and should not go. She – life – even sends warnings sometimes begging you to hear her. She will disrupt your alignment to tell you you are out of alignment all to lead you where you should go. To begin to answer the question of, “Why am I here?” you must first begin to listen.


2. There is no life without a connection; there is no connection without spirituality.


There is no real success without being connected to your spirit. I do not speak in terms of religion when I speak of spirituality either. Being connected to your spirit means you are connected to your essence. It means you've learned to listen to the one power on earth that is always routing and working for you – your soul. You will then be able to answer that question with every thought, feeling, emotion and action you make. Being connected spiritually will literally usher you into your purpose, your soul working on your behalf, simply because you will be honoring your calling and your energy. Your energy is that thing that is inexplicably profound and works in tandem with your soul to bring it, whatever ‘it’ is for you to you as energy is everything!


3. Your thread, your purpose, and your legacy.


If you died tomorrow what legacy would you leave?


Ask yourself did you discover your purpose and if you discovered your purpose did you fulfill it? I’ve found too many people get stuck on that word – purpose. It seems like a far-off, mystical ideology that is reserved for the elite. Auntie Oprah broke it down for us and demystified the mystical with one simple phrase,


Your purpose is not some grand thing waiting to happen it’s already happening and every experience weaves the thread that connects the dots of your life.


At 3 years old she had her first speaking engagement in front of her grandmother’s church. She received raved reviews and each person informed her grandmother she spoke extremely well. This singular experience began the thread of who would eventually become thee Oprah conceived under the oak trees she loves so much. And even at 6 years old when she spoke and wrote her way out of kindergarten with 9 not so simple words each experience was threading her purpose.


Your thread is your legacy and your legacy is every life you have touched while fulfilling your purpose. Understand everything that has happened to you happened for you and because of those experiences you are equipped to create whatever you desire. So, let's create! Tell me what you desire most and what you'll do to achieve it.

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