March 6, 2015

I can’t believe I actually tried it. Never in my wildest dreams especially after a certain age did I think I’d find it even remotely appealing, but I did and I have to admit. I even asked for seconds. So yes, I tasted it and I must say. Baby food never tasted so good! Amazing actually!


Some of the greatest inventions and innovations of our time were created out of our passions and our problems. Our passion eventually leads to the discovery of our purpose. The discovery of her passion lead Jennifer Miles to create Lizzy’s Garden thus helping to solve one of America’s greatest problems – childhood obesity. Foundation is everything especially for building healthy children and adults and Lizzy’s Garden, a 100% USDA certified organic and nutritious baby food helps to provide a beautiful foundation for all our children. The best part is even though I am definitely team no more children – yes, 1 is enough for me – I can help make sure all children have a healthy start at a reasonable price.


My favorite part are the options. There are two stages – stage 1 and stage 2 – stage 1 has 6 flavors and stage 2 has 9 flavors. I tried two of these absolutely delicious flavors Sweet Potato & Apple and Peachy Peach and although I have experienced baby food before this particular experience was unlike any other in that I completely ate it all. Good thing I don’t have any babies because they might have been upset with me eating all of their food. Just imagine if an adult couldn’t put it down imagine a kid. Finally, healthy is tasty again!


In speaking with Jennifer I learned how she got started. She looked for additional options to provide a healthier start and her search left much to be desired. Her desire for a baby food that contained no preservatives and was organic prompted her to create it. Within 4 months of its creation after being contacted by the Golden Globes she was debuting as a 2015 Golden Globes Must-Have  Baby Food.

A project manager by trade she took her desire to solve her problem and she is now working to change how America’s children start in life.


So whether you’re a new mom, dad, sister, the grands or friends let’s start giving our children the greatest start in life – a healthy one. Visit to order one of the amazing, yet nutritious flavors. 

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