March 10, 2015


If you’ve never heard of Karen Civil you may have been sleeping under a rock and that’s okay rest is necessary, but it’s time to wake up now. By staying true to herself she has become one of the foremost Digital Pioneers of our generation. The marketing director and idea genius behind the billion-dollar global brand Dr. Dre’s Beats and Lil Wayne’s Weezythanxyou.com site. She reigns supreme in the building and maintenance of the most important asset in life – relationship! Self-proclaimed introvert she welcomed my team and I into her home in Los Angeles, California to tell us exactly how she’s achieved her goals beyond her wildest imagination. She was willing to D.A.T.E. But, not in the way you’re thinking.


To D.A.T.E. your way to the top is to simply D- decide that what you want is what you’ll have because you’re willing to work for it. A- acquire the knowledge it takes to get there and take action using that knowledge. T- tackle every obstacle and there will be many. E- everyday DO something. The threads of what would ultimately lead Civil into her purpose in life began as a child writing letters to pen pal. She admittedly felt out of place in a world that felt she was too foreign to be local and too local to be foreign.


At 13 she received the gift that would forever change her life and ours too – a computer. She recognized quickly the power it harnessed when used right. Initially it took weeks to receive a letter from a pen pal with her computer it took minutes. Her parents didn’t understand at the time, but Karen told her herself she’d find a way to make it make money and she truly done just that.



She wanted to create a platform that would get her close to her favorite artists and stars and creating fan sites did just that. It also garnered the attention of high level executives who saw her ability to influence before the word influencer was even a recognized term.



She graduated high school and stumbled on an opportunity to become an intern with Angie Martinez at New York’s Hot 97 radio station. Although she made it to the top 3 she wasn’t chosen, but was given an opportunity to intern with Funkmaster Flex learning the business inside and out.



Civil honed her relationship building abilities and was offered a position with the then very popular Dipset crew. Things were great! She built her clientele, expanded her knowledge and expanded her client’s digital reach through groundbreaking ideas and initiatives. And then the group disbanded and she had to start over. Starting over she created her YouTube channel, utilized her connections and contacts and then positioned yourself as a source for all faucets of the entertainment thus literally creating jobs and opportunities for herself that didn’t exist before.



It will get better. She made a pact with herself to forever be grateful and recognize all her blessings and she continually strives to grow, learn and excel.


Civil was harassed for what she is now praised for being – an out-of-the-box thinker, innovator and creative designer. Her advice is to remember, "You are unique. Keep that! It’s what you will use to fulfill your purpose in life." 

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