Lauryn Williams: Focused on Opportunities & Became the 1st American Woman to Place in Summer & Winter Olympic Games

March 18, 2015


In Miami, FL I sat down with Lauryn Williams, University of Miami Hall of Famer and 4-Time Olympic Champion to discuss her defining moment. A simple decision to focus on opportunities and not obstacles carved a path for Williams that to date no other person has tread. Her predominate thought? Focus on your opportunities and not on your obstacles. And when a door opens RUN through it! No matter how awesome the idea of anything sounds if you don’t get up and get out into what it is you say you want you will not see results.


At an early age Williams took her education and learning into her own hands and took ownership of what she’d learn. This ability to be fully accountable for who she is and what she brings to the table has proven invaluable as she literally took the world by storm and left her competition in the dust in 2014 becoming the first and only American woman to place in the summer and winter Olympic games in the same year. That is what one would call legendary.


Beginning at age 9, Williams played and was exposed to every sport. Her willingness to learn and not just be taught inside and outside of the classroom, on and off the track has solidified her legacy as she was also recently conducted into the University of Miami Hall of Fame. Her ability to overcome obstacles is a mindset and her philosophy is “fall down 7 times, get up 8” then become extremely stubborn about what it is you want! You will always have opposing forces or other options, but when you’re the right kind of stubborn, your goals, dreams and vision will have no choice but to materialize simply because you will accept no other alternative.


Her advice to get up, get out and go DO something is so simple, yet missed my many waiting for the perfect moment and optimum time.  Learn what you don’t know and work to achieve what you desire and once you reach that goal continue getting up, getting out and doing something. Each time you accomplish what you set out to do start looking toward that next thing. You don’t start living or existing and for as long as you awake to a new day you’re awaking to all new possibilities and you’re able to accomplish all that you put forth effort in. You were born to fulfill a purpose and the beauty in life is discovering and living out that purpose.


Make a habit of being accountable to yourself. Ask yourself daily, “What was your high, your low, your bet-you-didn’t-know” to maintain a level of accountability and self-reflection and use this reflection to assess and reshape your vision if needed to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. 

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