BE Something GREAT with Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey and Others!

May 19, 2015

“He who gets behind in a race will forever remain behind or run faster.”



Black Enterprise’s Entrepreneur Summit is the catalyst to aid in running faster! The conference began unlike any other and focused on properly equipping attendees with the background knowledge, skills and tools needed to advance from A to B. Your tools are insufficient if not used for the proper job. A screw driver can’t hammer a nail and hammer can’t sand wood. No matter your skill-set you’ve been given a bag of tools and it’s up to you to use them properly and wisely.


“How do I achieve success and reach those I need to connect with?” Everyone has asked this question at one point in their “entrepreneur or intrapreneur journey.” I too have been guilty of it and the question is no way a bad one. Seeking recognition and growth from your efforts is the point of it all. The greatest piece of advice was given by Lisa Nichols and the simplicity of her response to this never ending question was simple, “Focus!”  You achieve success and reach those you desire by simply focusing. Focus on your business, your finances, your marketing and your growth. Then learn to consistently produce good results and your track record will draw attention simply because “Success draws attention!”


The attention success draws gives you access. Access to doors you previously had no keys to open. Growth is the primary thing, but as you grow remember the wise words of Michael Lee-Chin, “Be passionate, persevere through everything and have fun!” His success as a Jamaician billionaire banker was established on 3 key principles with 5 key focuses:


3 Key Principles:

• Make decisions on a sound framework

• Be very disciplined toward that framework

• Have access to good people and money


5 Key Focuses:

• Own a few high quality businesses

• Understand those businesses well

• Own them in high growth industries

• Use other’s people’s money

• Own them for the long run


Steve Harvey is arguably one of the greatest evolutionary men of our time. From a homeless dreamer to stand-up comedian to multi-million dollar business owner, television host of two primetime shows and a host of other accolades his wisdom is boundless. He has lived his life completely open, yet staying within his gift he has reaped the best opportunities of success. He emphasized, “God put in every living creature a gift. You’ll be miserable until you identify that God-given gift.” I agree with what I’m sure some may say – staying within your gift is easy for those who have discovered their gifts and talents – but those who have yet to figure it out he provided an answer, “The thing you do best with the least amount of effort is that gift.” Take that gift and work to create what you desire using your gift. And as you work dispel the myth and fear of failure. It’s all a part of the process. 


Whatever you can imagine you have the power to create. EVERY thing began as a thought. A thought that things do not have to remain as they are. Let your imagination take you everywhere you desire and never lose your ability to see what doesn’t yet exist. As Albert Einstein expressed, “Imagination is EVERYTHING! It’s the preview to life’s coming attractions!

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