Avery Wilson: Prodigy Turned Pioneer

September 25, 2015

Music … my first love & lost. A lost I was unsure I’d ever fully recover, but September 21st, Monday night in Atlanta, GA in a listening session for Avery Wilson hosted by Sean Garrett, singer, songwriter & producer of hits for artists like Beyoncé, Usher, Chris Brown & Fergie, I found my lover once again. I must admit the saddest part about my first love lost is he didn’t leave willingly. Somewhere along the way we shifted from purchased to pirated music and my lover took the brunt of the backlash. Ever heard the saying, "Cash rules everything around me?" Well whether we like to believe it or not in the music industry it does. The almighty dollar rules the industry. R&B waned not because of a shortage of talent, but because you the consumer stopped consuming with your dollars. Let’s have a quick economics lesson to make sure we all get it about a simple principle: supply and demand. If I spend money to create a product – my supply – and very few people come and buy it – my demand – not only do I lose money, but I see that it’s a waste for me to continue buying more supply because I have no demand for it. This is what happened to R&B. We too many times forget the power we have in determining the type of music that's showcased. What you highlight with your dollars, time, energy and support is what will magnify.


Music is the truest articulation of passion, purpose, love and pain and Avery Wilson is the embodiment of that articulation. Professionally trained as a dancer, singer and newly contracted model Wilson's undeniable talent is only outdone by his skill which his manager 18 time #1 chart-topper Sean "The Pen" Garrett is ensuring he develops. It also doesn't hurt he's also recently signed to RCA by Clive Davis. Describing himself as, “Colorless, creative and determined” he is one of the most dynamic multi-dimensional artists I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to. 


The greatest thing about black culture is our music can go from the halls of Julliard to the basements of the trap houses. Unfortunately, we lost sight and stayed slightly too long at the trap house and our music then became one of the only genres that glorified what destroys us and cursed what created us - our women - then reduced her to no more than a piece of meat used only for sexual gratification. It's time to evolve. I love the turn-up as much as the next, however diversification is a necessity. No one should be that one-sided and if you are don’t worry I’ve got a couple museum passes and international discount travel agencies I’d be happy to slide in your dm’s! In this new age of awareness and generational growth it’s time we all do just that – grow! Avery is methodically and purposefully aiding in that growth.


At only 20 years old he’s ushering R&B back to its rightful position as a front-runner in the music industry. He brings with it hues of world music, pop and hip hop. As his mentor and manager, Sean Garrett emphasizes, “Plan then execute. It's levels to this and you gotta be dynamic!” Avery’s “no days off especially as you grow and expand” work ethic will ensure his legacy is one for the history books. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out a snippet from the private listening session here and make sure you grab his latest single "Change My Mind" here.



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