The 7 Most Ridiculous Habits of the Highly Successful and Why You Should Start Doing Them!

October 24, 2014




1. Create a task list and respect your time.

Seize the day! Tomorrow doesn't exist yet, but today is staring you in the face full of opportunity and possibility. DO something with it. Respect your today as there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Each morning wake up early enough to list out all that you need to accomplish that day – whether or not you finish it all – write it out. To make it easier use headers for the different aspects of your life: personal, business, work, etc. and then list what needs to be done. The best part is since we’re in the information age you can make these lists right on your phone and if you’re feeling super high-tech you can add calendar reminders to the to-do items to remind you when they’re due. Knowing exactly what you need to get done helps you to organize your day and allocate your time wisely to make sure you get done what you need. Remember, the only difference between the successful entrepreneur and the homeless man is what they do with their time.


2. Stay Aware!

Everyday READ something relevant to your industry. Reading makes a full man and to excel in whatever your desired industry you need to be very aware of what’s happening in it. Being aware allows you to be proactive in the development of products and/or services that solve problems your consumers haven’t even realized they fully have yet.


3. Laugh at YOU!
Imperfection is OKAY. I am the clumsiest person you could ever meet, and yet I still wear heels! I thank my mother daily for strong ankles and sturdy bones. I’ve fallen in front my crushes and made colossal mistakes and you know what at the end of the day I laughed. Not because perceived incompetence or weak ankles is funny, but simply because things won’t always be or go right now many how perfect you planned and prepared and you will have to learn to be okay with it. The best “side effect” you gain from learning to laugh at you is confidence. Confidence will take you much farther than you can possibly imagine simply because Confidence says even in my imperfection I am still equipped to fulfill what I decide. So, laugh when things go awry and decide your happiness will always win! Always, especially when you’d much rather wallow in your sadness. For every stumble and each mistake, shed a tear if you must and then laugh … at yourself.


4. Flow with the universe.

When you do your part you will find all that you desire will come to you. Many times it will be as if you picked up a phone, made an order and it was hand-delivered. This hand delivery was not because you wished for it, but rather you worked for it. You prepared yourself for what was to come simply by making sure you were ready. Learning to flow is coming into the understanding that when you are prepared – keyword: prepared – that what is meant for you will not pass you and what passes you is not meant for you and because you trust your process you are okay with what comes and what goes. Oprah shared the story of how she got her first acting role and it is the perfect example of flowing with the universe. After reading the book The Color Purple she made a decision that she was Mrs. Sophia, period. Even never having acted before. She read the book so many times her entire being was the character Mrs. Sophia. She auditioned and heard nothing. Absolutely nothing. She called and was informed, “You do not call me, I call you if I decide I want you and besides I have real actors who have read for this part.” After still hearing nothing she “surrendered” and decided she had done all she could do, she had worked to the best of her ability and no matter the outcome she will trust her process. Upon her submittal to the universe and her process she was informed she received the part and evolved into the next phase of her journey. Always do your part, but learn to flow with the universe as it will take you exactly to what you have prepared to receive.


5. Wake up early!

The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams and even if they’re million dollar dreams they won’t materialize until you WAKE UP and do what it takes to make them reality. Don't get me wrong I love my sleep! I do believe I'm probably one of the few children who got in trouble for not waking up from my naps in primary school! But, being an over-indulgent lover of sleep means that while you’re asleep those who are willing to put it in those late nights and early mornings as they work to secure futures and build better realities will advance much faster than those unwilling to make similar sacrifices. I do not advocate working yourself to exhaustion, Adriana Huffington even explained the very real benefits of getting enough rest for your body type in the article “How to Sleep Your Way to the Top – Literally.” So, wake up – early – and do what it takes to achieve the success you desire, but listen to your body and ensure you still take care of it – you only get one.


6. Spend time with YOU! Dinner for 1? Yes, please.

What happens when things are so loud you can’t hear? I promise it is not a trick question I believe wholeheartedly in simplicity. I never did well with parables or word problems anyway. Now, to answer the question … what happens when things are so loud you can’t hear? You guessed it – you can’t hear! It is imperative you learn to listen intently and hear clearly as you work towards the fulfillment of your dreams. You will need to connect so deeply to who you are, who you desire to be and where you desire to go that you will be able to instantly recognize what fits in line with your purpose and ultimately what doesn’t. This is not a difficult skill, but it will require you to deal completely with the one person many people run away from – themselves. So, yes dinner for one please. It’s just you and your thoughts tonight.


7. Give back!

The most successful people in the world are almost the most charitable. With closed hands you cannot give or receive. Of course, as with anything do your research, but giving can literally change your life. I know because it changed mine. Aside from the good karma, giving back to the generations to come helps to ensure our future leaders are prepared and builds your everlasting legacy. For these reasons and more programs like The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Girl Rethought Project, Boys & Girls Club of America, Girls, Inc are so important. The one you save today may just be the one who saves you tomorrow! If you don't have a dime invest in the gift of your time as your time is truly priceless.


So, let's get started TODAY! Which of the 7 Ridiculous Habits will you start with?

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