Under Armour SVP Leanne Fremar: Make ONE Decision and Get Exactly What You Want

March 12, 2015

That sounds crazy right? I know! I’ll be the first to admit, but this truth is evident in the success achieved by Leanne Fremar, Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Director of Under Armour Women. So, how’s it possible? Can one simple decision truly help you get exactly what you want in life? You’ll find the answer is even simpler than the actual question. It’s all a matter of choice. Choice is the single most powerful asset on the planet. Choice makes all the difference and once you have made a choice that simple decision will help ensure you get exactly what you desire. There is true power in simply making a decision and you own that power by making a choice.


With over 4.5 million views on YouTube the #IWILLWHATIWANT campaign empowered women all over the world to will their way to their greatest dreams. The campaign showcased the story of Misty Copeland, the 3rd African-American female soloist for the American Ballet Theatre had an unlikely and delayed start. Her dreams initially were denied, but deciding to will what she wanted she proved no dream is too grand or impossible to achieve. The campaign created by Leanne increased sales and paced the company to reach $3 billion in revenue by the close of 2014 and the company was even awarded Marketer of the Year by Ad Age for 2014.


Making a Decision

The Women Leaders Project sat down with Leanne in their New York office and her wisdom is undeniable. She made a choice to decide what she wanted to do and charted her own course. She explained it’s important to understand exactly what it is you want, set a goal and go after it. Be honest and very truthful about what’s important to you and determine your non-negotiables early. This will help you move much further, much faster.


Acquiring Knowledge & Taking Action

Beginning at Polo Ralph Lauren she made the decision when she arrived to be herself and to always allow who she is to shine through. She recounted coming on board to such a big brand and excelled quickly because she was willing to accept feedback and not let it distract from her overall vision. She’d then use the feedback to come back faster, harder and better than ever. Her belief is one of the greatest skills you can ever attain is the ability to listen. Learning to listen to leadership and your organization helps to learn the lessons you’ll need to pass the tests sure to come.

In business things take time, energy, money and effort so learn to take meetings to grow your network and excel while seeking out advice to discover and learn from the differences in others. Discovering how they learn and what they’ve done is invaluable as you build.


Dealing with Obstacles

Obstacles will come the best way she learned to overcome them is to strategize and review what’s needed while assessing the best options to get there. Make sure you celebrate your successes too. When you work hard you should play hard! And even when you don’t achieve your goals celebrate those times too because there is always something to be learned when things don’t go your way. Celebrate your successes and your failures and learn from them all then take those lessons onto your next challenge.


Every day DO Something

The power of a woman. She has completely transformed the women’s division of Under Armour and has brought it to the forefront of the company’s focus. Every day the Under Armour woman is Leanne’s focus and the continued emphasis on “their woman” will help to ensure they meet and even exceed every outlined goal. Leanne is a woman who’s driven, focused, humorous, passionate and caring and she reminded us, “Don’t sweat the little stuff focus most on the things you can have the most impact on.”




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