The Milestone of Chrisette Michele

June 22, 2016


“My sound is soul music that interprets what the mouth is incapable of expressing."




Chrisette Michele is no stranger to the industry. The Grammy-award winning artist with hits like Ashton Martin, A Couple of Forever, and Golden celebrates 10 years in the music industry with her 5th studio album “Milestone”. The album is a love story of breakup and reconciliation. Chrisette graced the scene and took the world by storm - a melodic storm that is. Her voice speaks a language only your soul can truly comprehend. However, the music she loves is also what nearly cost her her soulmate. The business of music caused a rift and the journey back from her loss brought her to Milestone. Before production of the album she reconciled with her first love and they finished the album in 7 days - together. 



With an unconquerable spirit, Chrisette is also a savvy business woman and "Milestone", her coming of age project, is the first off her new label, RichHipster. Her growth is undeniable and her sound is soul music that interprets what the mouth is incapable of expressing.





The box doesn't exist as this album is an eclectic mix of genres. From Black Girl Magic to Equal with Rick Ross and To the Moon and Back Again “Milestone” is truly a coming of age project. Reconciliation, acceptance and the celebration of one's true self being the overtone of the album she expands into uncharted territory using her greatest muse - her music. You can get her new album here.

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