What I Do ...
I build brands for a living, design and coordinate events for fun, live by own rules and dance to the beat of my own melodic drum. A fierce creative, I think completely different from most and use my innovative and artistic talent to craft my client’s brand vision and action plan. Then, we work together to visually represent each brand’s products and services to reach every goal. ​
What I Do ...
The desire to learn and explore the world around me is innate. Listening to the strength of another’s story while they recite the twists on their journey that brought them to their present station in life excites the explorer in me. Life is an adventure and I enjoy exploring the unknown corners of the globe and capturing the stories of its inhabitants in my blog: The Millennial Voice.  I cover all things travel, beauty, entertainment, fashion, business and lifestyle. Come learn and explore with me here.
What It Means for You ...
I use my creative ability and your God-given gift, talent, product or service to craft campaigns, initiative and programs achieve what you desire. Every person is creative and each person is gifted. We show you how to visually represent your greatness for all to see. We design media kits, electronic press kits, one-sheets and even sponsorship decks. Check out some of our work here.
What It Means for You ...
You can check out The Millennial Voice weekly to catch our stories, explorations, events and interviews. A firm believer in all things positive empowerment and strategic differentiation, you can catch me on a plane or in a city near you interviewing some of the most influential & successful world leaders, covering progressive and exclusive events around the globe, or working to empower the next generation of leaders to succeed.   

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